Monday, December 13, 2010

Divinty in your mouth

Want to eat these? Head on over to my house! (or if, by the time you get to my house, they have been me) then head on over to my other blog for the recipe and make 'em for yourself!

Ooooooh, so good!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

BYU Homecoming

This happened a long time ago, like 2 months ago today. Just a little behind.

BYU Homecoming! We actually won! Yay! The in-laws all came out and we had a blast! We represented the Law school and marched in the parade again this year. And then attended the game. It was a blast hanging out with family all weekend!

Lots of photos ahead!

Jocelyn initially did not want to march with us but eventually got over her fears and cheered up. Once again I saw my old roommate watching from our old apartment complex. Sadly, I did not get a photo this year as I had a goal to complete the march in the parade this year so I was only able to say hello.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreams DO come true!

So, one of my dreams came true this year. Well, several actually. But this one was major. I am in a play!!! I get to act on stage again. Seriously, dream come true. If you've read my blog for long enough, you already knew that.

So here is the info and a few photos (generously taken by my father with a flashless/silent point and shoot, thus the not so great quality).

If you came to see it, I'd love you even more, and "One is bound to say you'll profit by it" (one of my lines) :) I play a humorous, quirky, upper crust type lady. One my funnest roles yet! Plus, it's a great ensemble cast with fabulous actors and director.

Joyful Noise by Tim Slover
Covey Center for the Arts, Provo, UT
Now through December 18th on Monday's, Thursday's, Friday's and Saturday's with one matinee on the last Saturday.

Oh, and on a side note. I had to gather my own costume. And the dress and purse are from my prom days. Oh, don't worry. The skirt is not zipped up all the way and hiked up to my rib cage. I had to make some alterations to make it fit again. And the beautiful gray "princess" top was a bargain deal from the thrift store. I talked them into lowering the price. Initially they were asking $25. But when I tried it on the zipper promptly broke. So I told the dude at the register and they discounted for the zipper malfunction and by the fact that it was not paired with a skirt and should have been. It was even new with tags! Handmade in India! I would have paid $12 but they brought it down to $3!!! What a steal! I just had to add velcro to the back and it's a costume piece! Happiness!

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