Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! With tradition, we made doughnuts this year. I invited Melissa and another neighbor, Leanna, over. They each brought their boys Parker and Dakota over and we had a fun doughnut making session. The boys helped roll out the dough. And Samuel was the biggest advocate for cutting them out and putting the holes in the center. He did a pretty nice job of centering them too. But mostly the boys just messed up every room in the house by dumping every toy out. But we ladies were able to sit and chat and eat and chat and eat some more. What are your Halloween traditions?

I love this time of year. The crisp air. The crunchy leaves. The oranges, yellows, golds, reds and purples. I love the smells and the foods and the overall feeling of Autumn. But I have realized for the past three years that I find myself sort of depressed. And talking it over with my awesome new friend and neighbor, Melissa, last night, I think I have a difficult time transitioning from the summer to the fall. In the summer we vacation, school is out, the evenings are cool the sun is shining. It is a carefree time of year, for me. And then the fall comes and it creeps in but leaves so quickly. And then it is winter. ugh. BUT so many good things in my life have happened in the fall. For example, Tyler and I were married in October. And the weather was PERFECT! Samuel was born in September. I learned how to overcome depression in the fall. We did a lot of sightseeing in Paris in the fall. And the holiday season begins in the fall with Halloween. So, I love Autumn. And here are some pictures proving my children love it too!

It's starting again!

Well, with the encouragement and peer pressure (j/k) of friends and the desire/need to write my thoughts down and to show off pictures of beautiful kids, I have decided to start blogging again. Plus, maybe I'll spend more quality time blogging instead of eating!!!!
This is my first one since we left Paris. So, I suppose I should say goodbye to that phase of my life, change the title of this blog and move on with things. Ah, "Pah--r--ee". My little heavenly haven, but more so looking back on it than it actually was. At times I really didn't like it. But more so than not, I loved it. I am reminded of it in some small way at least once a day! And I don't even try to! It just pops into my mind. A thought, an image, a time, an experience. It's wonderful. And sometimes I feel very nostalgic over it. And then on those really bad days that I throw little pity parties for myself I wish I was there again. Only to escape my real world that I live in here. Sad, but true. As Tyler would say, I am trying to "escape reality". But it's true. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing and what I am thinking. If I am at all. When is the last time I truly thought deeply about something? Let's I helped in the nursery w/my new calling--"nursery song leader" singing songs w/hyper 2 year olds. At least once a day I am reminding Samuel how to count and recognize colors. so--toddler level thinking-getting deeper.....ummmm.....I thought about what I was going to wear today....ummm...I bought the same lotion at 2 different stores in 2 days forgetting that I'd already bought it the day now I have 2 brand new Sauve cocoa butter lotions (oooh--new scent to try!) So, in other words, my brain is dwindling. I think I need to read. Maybe I'll attempt to finish Eclipse, even though I am still upset that there is a 4th one coming out!
And what's w/Dumbledore being gay? Stupid....pointless....
Well, this is why I have a hard time blogging...I ramble.
See ya soon!