Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emergency room

Last night I had to take Tyler to the ER. I behaved very calmly, which is sometimes hard in medical situations. Luckily, we have awesome neighbors! Melissa J, my new next door neighbor, willingly took our kids to her house and made them ramen noodles and brownies. They loved it. And them Melanie put them down to bed. Thanks Melanie and Melissa! Yes, I am drawing this out for suspense.

The kids behaved really nicely too. Samuel said he wanted to see so he walked over to the sink and saw all the blood and said, "oh, oh" and hurriedly backed away but he didn't scream or anything. I don't think Joc understood.

Oh, this is about Tyler. He is doing just fine. I spared you gory photos. Lucky you. We were preparing for dinner. I was on the phone w/Stephanie who had just had her baby. Yay, Stephanie! While making veggie kebabs. The grill was ready to go. Tyler was trying to pry those frozen Costco hamburger patties apart w/a Santuko kitchen knife (which he thinks spared his ring finger bcse it doesn't have a pointy tip). He admits it's one of the stupidest things he's done in his life. He already dropped the knife once and nearly chopped off our toes. But then I heard him yell and pound the floor, multiple times, w/his feet. I kept thinking, I hope Melanie isn't home to hear this. Tyler is usually pretty dramatic about things. But I looked and immediately told Stephanie that I needed to take Tyler to the ER. To make a long story short....3 hours of being in the ER he got about 8 stitches on his left pinky finger. And the only problem he may have is a little nerve damage but time will tell that. No tendons were cut, luckily.

I did not get too queezy, especially seeing all the blood and fat puffing out of his finger. And seeing the stitches put in didn't bother me either. I hope we get as lucky as the million dollar winner that we watched while we waited, on Deal or No Deal last night and our bill won't be too high. Luckily, Tyler just paid his student insurance last week thinking he'd never have to use it.
haha. I hope he is a little safer while carving pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

updated video of New York

Sorry for all the fuss.....but I want all of my hours of work to be seen how I wanted it to...

Check out this higher quality version on youtube--it's a bigger screen too, just enlarge it--and watch it in high quality--there is an option under the screen to do so, it is SO much better

It's worth it...better than the blogger version.

And still read my comments a few posts down as well.


Okay, here is a link to a lot of Twilight footage, etc.

I have a proposal. Who of you wants to go and be a part of the chaos that will be the opening of this film? I propose a girls night out (w/the exception of Tyler bcse he is anticipating this as much as I am) to see this movie???? Anyone? Line up your babysitters now for November 21st!

Oh, I am so excited!


Okay, So I've been saving these password codes for months now. I laugh at some of the codes I type in. I feel like I am playing a game of madgab. They are so random and yet can be so profound. well, not exactly.

And yes, I am posting late, bcse Jocelyn just fell asleep in front of the door not 10 minutes ago, after pushing all of the plastic bugs under the door. Can you say, "Parker". Now I know how you feel Melissa.

Okay onto passwords codes:

anticap--almost anticpating
spapsh-- "spash" an uncommon family name on Tyler's side
taypaws-- "potatoes"
wrludurs --"walrus"
nonebe -- "none be" "nobody"
dupjmi--duped me
snovnlo--snow volvo
wydaiet "Why'd ya do it?"
greebrkb "greek bird"
oweeub --"oh, wee, ub, oh, wee the jungle the mighty jungle..."
xyhkhhkh--a lot of h's and k's
preshare--what you need to learn before learning how to share
amnist--before amnesty there was amnist
domanies--domains or dominoes
snesse--the lochness monsters baby, or maybe just a sneeze
lyger--a mix o f a tiger and lion
pricers--I am definitely a pricer at every store. bargain shopper!

New York, New York

New England Anniversary trip Part 1

Well, I stayed up till 2am to start this video. And I completed it this morning and Tyler has tried rendering it in different sizes all day and it's finally here! The first of hopefully 3 movies from our trip.

Our trip to NYC was awesome and by the end of the week I thought, "I could live here." Not that we will be but we may be somewhere back come next fall so I had to see how I would feel about toting 2 plus kids around crowded places. Anyway, a few things about NYC, in MY opinion.

Things that were over-rated:
1--Di Fara's pizza joint in Brooklyn. Not only did it open later than the sign says the pizza was not AMAZING like we hoped. The 80 year old founder still makes each pizza by hand and he is slow. BUT he does use very fresh ingredients and it was tasty and still inexpensive.

2--Wicked. Please don't hate me but I am still not a huge musical fan, even of this one. I've always appreciated and connected to boring straight plays more. the set, costumes, movement, acting and music were all excellent. But I felt the plot was weak. How can anyone compare this to Les Mis? I love the Oz story but I had a few qualms with this one.

Things that were under-rated:
1--Taxi drivers. Though they are scary to drive with they get you there fast and expensively.

2--Peter Luger steakhouse--Yes, we spent over $100 for our porterhouse steak. But it is BY FAR the best steak I have ever eaten in my life. It melted in our mouth. So good. I know some of you think we are crazy for spending that much on steak. We seriously spent more on food than anything else this trip. What can I say, I'm married to a food snob (even one who DOES lower himself to eat at McDonald's to try and win Monopoly).

3--Junior's Cheescake--Decently priced and VERY rich. Be sure to share w/a friend or two. So delicious. You can order it online for a hefty price too. Yummy!

4--The Met--Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oh, I love art museums. Our favorite place in all of Paris was visiting the Louvre every friday night. This reminded me of that. World famous and fantastically beautiful artwork. I LOVE impressionism so seeing so many monet's and van gogh's took my breath away. I was in heaven. Our pictures do not do them justice.

All in all NYC was great! Enjoy this 5 1/2 minute video. You will probably think I am insane for spending so many hours on it. But I am a perfectionist when it comes to these kinds of things and no one really notices but me. But it's for posterity, right?

PS--this first version of the video is a crappy's kind of fuzzy. I am getting to impatient to download a better version on youtube bcse it is such a big file. check it out again later if you want to.

Check out this higher quality version on youtube--it's a bigger screen too--and watch it in high quality--there is an option under the screen to do so

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Blog burp

Well, we're back from our vacation and can I just say it was WONDERFUL (you have to say it like your singing, old-school musical style). But I haven't found the time to blog about it yet. Yes, I am sure you're all chomping at the bit to see/read about what we did. But I want to make it amazing and it will have to wait. Blogging vomit coming up (ie: lots of blog posts to come soon, perhaps the word choice is a little crude) . Anyway, I just spent hours catching up on reading all of yours and I will get some serious blogging done, like about serious things, like Samuel's 2-4th birthday celebrations. Come on, right? Those are very life-changing events. Well, to a four year old...they are. Enough rambling, I will post some good ones in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


For you blogliners and google readers, the video doesn't appear to be showing up w/the previous post. So you'll have to go to my blog to view it. Thanks.

I hate one-uppers

My friend, Carrie, blogged about a conversation she had w/another mom who was convinced her baby was the smartest, most talented baby ever and beyond anyone else's. Then I watched a bit of Oprah today. It was about mothers and why we let ourselves feel/get so overwhelmed. And there is a book called Sailing Home: Using Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfalls by Norman Fischer that I am not interested in reading. And Oprah ended by mentioning that women should be lifting each other up instead of comparing and putting others down for the way they raise their children. We should support and help each other out because we all need it! So it makes me laugh when I come across one-uppers and it makes me think of this SNL skit. Hilarious! I love these "Penelope" character skits. It's not my favorite episode (w/Peyton Manning) but I couldn't find it anywhere online. But this one is still so good! Makes me laugh every time I see this girl.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I haven't posted in, ummm, 2 weeks so I thought I should. I've wanted to a few time bcse I have so much swirling through my brain. But I haven't had the time or preferred watching foreign films from the library.

** I LOVED the General Relief Society meeting. I was able to see it live w/2 friends, Megan and Anita, from the ward. It was fantastic! I especially loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk about creativity and compassion. SO helpful! Oh, I could gush but I won't. Just know this, women, that we are ALL creators. If you are a mother or not a mother. He did not just refer to creating babies. Or even people who are gifted with a paintbrush, their voice or an instrument. He described those who keep a nice home or pretty yard. Those who are good at writing letters, or anyone who "brings sunshine to others" because they cannot keep it from themselves; this is creativity. He said to not let the fear of failure discourage you. What we create does not have to be perfect. But embrace and use it. Learn a new skill. You are always creative! Loved it!

**I am planning a trip for Tyler and I. We are celebrating our 6th year anniversary by using our frequent flier miles and heading back east. We leave next Friday. We get to visit my best friend, Heather and her little family in Boston!!!!! And we get to stop in NYC for a few days. I am soooooooo excited for this much needed vacation away from my kids. (Thanks Stoehr's for watching them--and Heather for letting us crash at your place!) And I love NYC and we get to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the hotel and shows and greasy food.

**Tyler and I wake Melanie and Eliott up with our new work-out/health regime. It's called P90x and I've lost 5 lbs because of it so far! It really helps to eat and exercise w/a partner, and it's even better w/my husband. I feel great and am loving feeling healthy.

**Samuel still poops in his underwear. In fact, 4 out of the last 6 days he's done so. Except last night. When Melanie was watching the kids, he pooped in her potty! What's the deal!!! I am seriously thinking of paying her to potty train him for us. He wore diapers today.

**I am tired bcse I stay up until midnight every night planning our vacay. My house is also unusually messy from 9am-8pm. Don't stop by b/w those hours if you want to be attacked by things growing on the table. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad.

**Result from poopy underwear=laundry every day this week. Still unfolded. ugh.

**I can't wait for Conference!!!! Yipee! I may be crazy but I am thinking of pseudo potty training Joc. Do you think I'm crazy. Melissa told me it was the best time to do bcse you have to home all day anyway. We'll see.

**Samuel's 4th, and final, birthday party is this weekend w/his cousin who shares a birthday week. You know your kid is spoiled when his birthday lasts for weeks. He's almost forgotten the last one was over and now he gets another one. Silly mom for getting a little over-zealous. Poor Jocleyn, only gets one, and it's 2 days after Christmas. BUT she doesn't know the difference yet.

That's all, folks.