Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

Tyler works 4 day weeks (government intern) so we had a 4 day weekend together!

On Friday we tackled the basement/storage area. It had cobwebs and dust galore, both of which, in large quantities, creep me out. We organized our storage boxes and Tyler started his "mancave." Then I was able to shop at Joann's to gather materials for these marshmallow pops and stopped by to see my cousin Stephanie's newish miracle baby. So all in all it was a productive day.

Oh, and I almost forgot. We made the pioneer woman's turkey pot pie with leftover rotisserie chicken.

And pot pie....ever! Mainly because it calls for cream and a splash of wine, both of which we had. Don't worry.....we use the wine only for culinary purposes. Oh, and for breakfast we had this. Can you tell I'm hungry?

On Saturday we were off to finishing the storage half of the basement. Then off to cleaning the upstairs for a BBQ with our friends Dave and Georgia and their 5 kids. The weather was nice enough to eat and play outside. And of course, I had to photograph the food.

I put a tutorial for the marshmallow pops on my shop's blog. These were a big hit with the kids.

I looked forward to making and eating these ice cream sandwiches all week!

Okay, I better make this quick....I have needy kids in the background.....

Monday we had a Memorial service at the East Lawn Cemetery in Provo with my mom's family. It was nice to remember those who have passed on before me. My favorite part was when the young grandkids sang "I am a Child of God." Then afterward we enjoyed a delicious and chaotic brunch at my Uncle Abe and Aunt Gretchen's beautiful home.

Then we hiked up Rock Canyon. We wanted to hike up to the "Y" but my dad suggested we do Rock Canyon because it would be easier for the kids. I am glad we took his suggestion. We started up the trail to Rock Canyon and at exactly 4 minutes out, both of our kids asked when it was going to be over. Go figure. We kept them on the trail for one hour though. Pictured are my nieces Olivia and Anna, my dad, and my little brother Levi.

See the picture of Jocelyn crying? That was about the 12th time she broke down in tears over something small that day. We have a drama girl on our hands. Joy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

This Old House

Our new abode is in the detached home of my only living grandparent. It's perfect for our needs right now. We moved here in early April and I am just now getting to write about it. I haven't put up pictures on the wall or decorated the kids rooms completely so I am waiting to do that before I post photos. But don't hold your breath because it could be a few months.

Here are a few outside portraits. You've already seen the garden.

I love this location because we have a loooong driveway so the kids can ride their bikes and not get near the street. It's secluded and private and quiet. It's shady and green and wonderful. The smells remind me of visiting grandma each summer. The Japanese trees, apricot, walnut, lilac, sycamores, pine, etc. I don't even know all the varieties. And the chorus of birds we hear each morning and throughout the day just adds to the peace. I never thought, growing up, that I'd be living here! It's such a blessing.

Friday, May 21, 2010

4 months

I can't believe my baby is no longer a newborn.

I only noticed it one day before other people started telling me she no longer looked like one. It started with the cry. She doesn't snort anymore when she cries. And it's not that tiny little voice from her early months. It has more depth that comes from her more developed diaphragm. It has ups and downs and emotions that start with a whine of complaint or a whimper.

Then her body is an obvious change. She's fatter. She's longer. She no longer fits into most 3-6 months clothes. Her eye is still plugged. "No, it's not pink eye" I have to tell almost everyone who wants to see her. It's a plugged tear duct people! Yes, I wash my baby's face. No, she's not contagious. It should be gone by 9 months otherwise a needle has to get in the picture. Let's hope for both our sakes that is goes away by then.

She's social. She wants to be in on the action with her brother and sister. She watches TV, plays with toys, reaches for things and grabs things like hair. And, yes, she always has a concerned look on her face. It's the funniest expression.

She is more vocal now. She coo's, babbles, blows raspberries, laughs, squeals. It's so fun!! She is so happy and her smile is contagious. I love it. I love her!

These photos are about 3 1/2 months old.

Tomorrow I hope to post some video and her stats.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gathering

Could this be another Michael McLean song? I don't want to take the time to check.

My mom is part of a pretty big family. She's the oldest of 10 kids. Most live in Utah. I live next to the mother of these children, my Grandma K****. Is that too much info for an identity thief?

Well, we gather together every other month to get together and do what we do best: eat and talk. Girls only. My sisters, Mom and I were in charge of hosting it this month so we had it my new pad...across the driveway from the previously mentioned and beloved grandmother. This new abode I still need to blog about.....some other day. Anyway, it is because of her that we all stay together and have these gatherings. Thank you Grandma!

We had fun decorating and I only got stressed out at the last minute because Tyler was supposed to be taking the kids to Samuel's T-ball game and we couldn't find his shoes (which rarely happens, usually it's Jocelyn's missing shoes) and it was picture day and I was freaking out. Luckily, they made it in time, even though late, they were on time for the "Mormon standard time" pictures and game.

We made delicious panini's and gourmet tres leches coconut cupcakes (found from food network) Seriously, they are to die for. I made some pinwheels for the table, hung some pennant banners and a garland. And my mom and sister made these Martha Stewart pom-pom balls, all the while Tyler was mocking our desire to beautify the place. He thought it was such a waste of time. I am sure he's not the only male (and possibly female) out there that would agree with him. But it was FUN for us and so festive :) I also made these new cupcake toppers. You think I should sell them in my shop?

I love my big 'ol family and we had some good laughs and memories made. Thanks klan!

"Auntie" Allie (who had the best story of the day), Gma Knell and back of Lydia.

Great Aunt Claudia, the kids often refer to her as Grandma too.

The panini's

Decor and view into our kitchen.

Pinwheels on dangerously divine cupcakes.

More food and decor

Uncle Mark, cousin Berkeley and her baby Claude, who is two days older than Cecily.
Me having a good time. Seriously though, that is not all my back, it's a black chair behind my black shirt. I'm not that poor postured (is that grammatically correct?)

Two of my younger cousins Sadie and Emma reacting to stories being told. Tyler, who crashed the girls only party, along with Mark, is obviously interested in all of our tales.
The pinwheel cupcake topper. What do you think?

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

It started on Friday when I was able to buy this robe from DownEast for $20, typically $80 from Restoration Hardware. I've been waiting for a sale on a terrycloth robe. It has to be terrycloth, call me old fashioned, but I don't think those plush robes, as soft as they are, absorb the water. They repel it! Anyway, my waiting paid off! I always love a good deal.

Then on Saturday we watched Samuel's first T-ball game. That's a riot to watch.

After the game we headed down to Mt P to be with my mom. Our whole family was there except Jennie and Grant who are still living in India. It was fun to be able to relax, tell Tyler "no" when he wanted me to play sous-chef and eat, talk and play, as usual.

My dad took some photos a few days before that I gave to all of my mothers!

These are some things that I could possibly not live without, in the domestic department that is.

Pampered Chef nylon scrapers
I picked one up from a party and didn't know what to do with it. I thought it was just for scraping the cookie bowl. But who uses plastic when you have fingers? Well, my sister showed me the real usage. Now I can't do dishes without one! Even if you're not a pan soaker they are work well for crumby dishwashers that don't get the food off, glass top stoves, and many more uses!

Clorox Bleach Pen
These work so well. Instant bleaching!

Silicone Spatula scraper
Amazing!!!! We love these things! We first spotted them while living in Paris and only bought a few. Trying to find them in the states is a little harder. The reason these are the perfect spatula is because they are 1) heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, 2) Dishwasher safe 3) Doesn't stain or stay red after stirring tomato sauce 4) one solid piece, the handle doesn't fall apart from the scraper

What things could you possibly not live without?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Garden

Doesn't that sound like a cheesy Michael McLean song? Wait, maybe it is. Oh yes, I just checked. It's the name of one his albums.

Well, we got ours planted about a month ago. Thanks to my brother Alex driving up 2 hours with his wonderful wife, Marci and their 3 girls! We did some serious yard work and tore the ground apart to double the garden size. Sadly, it was still not big enough to plant everything we wanted to. Tyler's section of herbs is one reason why. He planted like 10 of them, including 3 rosemary plants. Yes, he likes his fresh herbs.

And since then we have managed not to kill the plants yet, even after many nightly frosts. We made paper hats to cover the smaller plants overnight. They've all begun to peek their heads above the dirt. It's pretty exciting! Our first garden....awwwwww.

Cecily helping out by being a good girl all day.

Jocelyn very concerned about dirt getting on her shoes.

My sexy hubby using mean machines.

Samuel trying hard to smile for real. He actually enjoyed planting.

Jcoelyn sporting some seeds.

No wonder my back hurts all the time. I don't bend over properly. Alex standing by. He stayed up till 4 am working on his Masters thesis and he still helped us out all day.

It was hard work but the weather was perfect. But I think it'll feel real good to gather the fruit of our labors.