Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jocelyn turned 6

Back on December 27th..........

We celebrated her birthday, as we do just about every other year, in Colorado while we visited the in-laws for Christmas.

The day before her birthday, while Tyler's sisters were still in town, we went to a beauty school to have Jocelyn have her first real manicure. It only cost $5 per person.....which is totally worth it. Some of the gals  had pedicures done. The job was hit and miss. Some were excellent students and did great work, others, not so much. But you get what you pay for and everyone had a fun time. Sadly, I didn't get a group photo. Almost all of Jocelyn's aunts were there, one of her Grandma's and all of her girl cousins. She felt like a star. They gave her a birthday crown and showered her with compliments. And while we waited for the pedicure gals to be pampered Jocelyn ran off with her cousins and pretended to be big girls, talking and laughing and "painting" each other's nails. We had a blast. She was all smiles. Then we went out to eat lunch afterwards.

Jocelyn wanted a green cake with lots of sprinkles. And so she did! And guess who ate most of it? Yes, that would be me. I do not boast of my cake making skills. Someday perhaps I'll learn.....someday.

Happy Birthday Jocie girl! You are so mature. You are loving and kind. You are happy, intelligent and witty. You've been to the hospital more than anyone in our family so far (broken arm, eye surgery), are top of your kindergarten class and a great example to us of following the Savior. Thank you for being our wonderful "middle" child!