Monday, December 19, 2011

The 5 minute visit

We went. We froze. We remembered. We headed up to SLC to redeem our Aquarium passes and while we were up there we decided to use our credit ($3 a gift card for $25 gift card, sure!) and then head to Temple Square. Rose, my sister, took a break during her finals to come to the Thai restaurant with us (Pad Thai was amazing!) and then we went to Temple Square to show the kids the lights.! We were unprepared for how cold it was. No gloves or hats. Cecily was shaking she was so cold. It was terribly terribly cold. So we parked far away. We walked to reflecting pool. Looked at the nativity. Took 3 pictures and left. That was it. I hope the children remember what they saw because it's a beautiful thing. The nativity at Temple Square is magnificent and magical. The lights are stunning and it was a pleasure to go, even for 5 minutes.

Friday, December 9, 2011


We went out to Colorado for Thanksgiving. We decided to surprise his family and arrive early. So we left at 5pm after Tyler's class got out  (more like 5:45, Hannah standard time) and got there at 1:15 am. Yikes! But the kids traveled great. We only stopped once for gas and it was worth it to be there for one extra day.

The whole week was filled with laughter, shopping, gaming, swimming and of course, eating.

 The ambush for the return of Steph and Papa from their trip to Wisconsin (they brought us some nice Venison too. Yum!)

Carson turned 3! And guess what cake he requested? A car wash cake. No kidding. Jana is such a good mom and obliged this request. I would have suggested my child come up with an easier cake to make! And look how creative she was! That's coconut on the giant marshmallows and fruit roll-up flaps complete with a rice krispie treat car and cookie wheels.

 The kids playing at the piano. They also enjoyed swimming and visiting the Colorado Winder Farms (haha, actually the Spencer's home) to pick up the daily carton of chicken eggs, visit the cat Cookie and tried not to break any limbs on their zip line. Forget about chuck-e-cheese, when you have such a sweet backyard!

 The guys decided to make a trip to the local thrift store and buy some ugly outfits to surprise us all.

 Giving Thanks

I made some rosemary place settings, waaay too much cornbread stuffing (which we ate for the next week),and Tyler made 5 gourmet pumpkin (custard) pies. Then of course, we had the good stuff.

 Tyler and I being matchy matchy. Oh, and as a side note...I've noticed people eying my belly, friends even, and I know what they're thinking. And you're wrong! It's just fat!

 Samuel obsessing over cousin Nathan's ipad game, plants vs zombies (I think?)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A shameless plug!

Okay, so I realize I haven't posted in like....nearly a month. But I have more so on my other blog. I've been busy! Or maybe my priorities all mixed up?
Well, this priority is not really mixed up....trying to save money so I can send you all (well, some of you perhaps) cute Christmas cards. And to save myself even more money I just have to blog about my latest projects!
I used Shutterfly because a friend of mine got to host a Shutterfly party, balloons and all. (it was free for her) and for going we went home with a bunch of free stuff too. I got 20 deluxe Christmas cards, a free 8x8 book and then for sharing it I received free shipping plus a 7x9 photo book. Sweet! So now to save even more money to get even more deluxe Christmas cards to send out to you fun friends, I have to blog about it. There, I said, shameless plug. But seriously though, I LOVE Shutterfly. 

I've used them for several projects in the past including photo cards last year, photo books and calendars! Love them!

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.