Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 month old

Cecily is 1 month old! Already. Time flies. But it's been a satisfying month.

Here are some things I've learned in these weeks.

*You can never have enough sleep.

*Olympics + new baby = even more fatigue. GO USA!

*I hate jaundice, but I am grateful she was only the lights for a few days. Her levels took forever to go down and her heels had to be pricked at least 12 times, I stopped keeping track. But now that's over.

*Samuel loves being a new brother and has proved to be a helpful big brother. Jocelyn has not been terribly jealous of Cecily, she truly loves her, she just misses the attention from me. She hasn't injured Cecily yet. She just gets into more trouble elsewhere, especially while I'm nursing.

*I am reminded of how grumpy and short-tempered I get when I am tired.

*I am handling being a mom of 3 better than I expected.

*It's been funny to hear the variations of her name. It's not Cecelia. It's not Sicily. It's S--short e--s--short i--l--ee. Or Sessilly. It's latin for patron saint of musicians. Derivative of Cecilia. You may also recognize the character name from The Importance of Being Earnest.

*I've been able to keep up with the dishes and vacuuming but laundry is definitely having a hard time getting into the drawers and I hate ironing so basically we look like a bunch of homeless people.

*I have awesome ward members, including our home teachers and visiting teachee/ers. My visiting teacher has fed us amazing food and cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. She's a saint. I've hardly had to cook in the last 4 weeks due to service from others.

*I have awesome friends. I appreciate their service too. Thank you!

*I really love Cecily. Here are some things that I've learned about her.
*She smiles now.
*She still snorts when she cries.
*When she wakes up she has to eat immediately or you'll hear it.
*She holds her breath and squawks louder than our other two children did. We laugh.
*From her first day of life she's needed a pacifier! Hallelujah!
*She is a strong little critter. She's kicked nurses who take her blood with her strong little legs. *She has avatar feet which I'll have to photograph for you. She held up her head from day 1. And I never believed it when other mom's said their babies rolled over so soon but now I believe it. She can roll onto her side by herself. She's a strong one.
*She likes to watch TV already. She likes to hear the different sounds and watch the flashing. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.
*She still hates baths.
*She loves to stare at her daddy. He only gets to see her at night and a little in the middle of the night and in the mornings. So I am happy to hand her over to him while he watches TV and unwinds. When she's awake she'll just stare at him, even when his attention is not on her. She just loves to look at him.
*Then she loves to hear Samuel and Jocelyn's voices. They get inches away from her face and talk to her. They love to see her when "her eyes are open." Now that she is awake more often they get so excited!
*She just likes the way I smell because I mean food. One day she'll appreciate me for more :) Well, she loves to sleep next to me because I keep her warm. She loves to swaddle and sleep in odd positions.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My 3 kids

Wow. I can't believe I've been a mom of 3 for almost 2 weeks now.

My help left today. It hasn't hit me yet. I think it will tomorrow. I'll blog about my little helpers later on. Many of you asked if my other kids had as much as hair as Cecily did. And here is a visual to answer your question.

All of my kids were conveniently born in even years and at the end of the month. I think this was done to help my forgetful mind remember their birthdays.

Samuel, top, born September 23, 2004. Weighed 6 lbs 6 oz. Labor: 6 hours.

Cecily, middle, born January 21, 2010. Weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. Labor: 6 hours.

Jocelyn, bottom, born December 27, 2006. Weighed 6 lbs 8 oz. Labor: 8 hours.

I think Samuel wins with the most hair. Jocelyn does with the darkest. And Cecily with the most "wave." They've all made the same facial expressions. These photos are at varying ages. Samuel is a few weeks old, Jocelyn, jaundiced, a few days old and Cecily is 1 day old. I normally think most babies are sort of not cute when they are first born. Samuel looked like a little old man, Jocelyn, like a little rat. Cecily has been the prettiest so far. Don't worry, I don't think I am offending them. I looked like a monkey until I was 3 years old! See!