Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catch Up

I don't even know where to begin? I'm so behind in blogging! Start in October and go back to the past? Or should I start with the spring and move forward?

I think I had better just capture the important events, starting most recently, and then fill in the gaps, if I can. Or just kind of do both at the same time? Confusing!

Since we moved in late April a lot has happened! Our family is growing up!

First off, I survived from my post in February. Those first four months in this good year of 2012 were tremendously busy. Perhaps the most busy since I can remember.

I turned 32.

Jocelyn has since recovered from her eye surgery. She had pink bloodshot eyes for months afterward. She has strabismus. It did not fix the problem so we got a second opinion here in SLC. Glad we did. She'll be getting bifocal glasses instead of surgery again. Much less intervening and easier on our bank account. Such a relief!

A few days after surgery.

Both Samuel and Jocelyn learned to ride bikes without assistance this summer. They love it!

Our dog Zoey is alive and well. Big and cute and annoying and smelly and funny and loving and all of that stuff which comes with a dog. Our family unit loves her. My extended family pretty much hates her. I was a dog dis-liker before we got her too. She's all bark (and jump) and not bite. Total sweetheart. Even is she doesn't like your smell :)

We have church callings. I am no longer anyone of great responsibility. Wahoo! Such a nice break. Tyler and I team teach the "high school" Sunday school class. At most, we have 3 students at a time. And they just called another team of teachers so now we only teach every other week. So nice!!

                                      Don't you just love how photogenic our children are?

Tyler graduated from BYU Law School! Summa Cum Laude, Order of the Coif! Good job, Honey! He rigorously studied hard for the bar exam, took it on July 24/25th and passed! He was sworn in as an attorney on October 16th. His mom was able to be in attendance for it. He has a job for a firm in SLC. He'll start a clerkship for a Judge at the Utah Supreme Court in January. He'll clerk for one year. By the way, the clerk is not the same as a Secretary or a stenographer. He doesn't "take notes" for the judge. He actually researches and writes the opinion for that judge. He's looking forward to it!

Upon graduation we moved from Provo to SLC, our 10th move in 10 years of marriage! We live up
the hill in a historic part of SLC behind the Capital. We love it up here. It's certainly a different feel from anyplace we've lived before. I am finally, after 6 months, getting used to the shopping, the daily routine, the culture, etc of being up here. We're living in a basement of a great mother/daughter duo. We love our landlord/owner and it's been a huge blessing to have found this place. It always works out!

The other big achievement was that Samuel turned 8 on September 23rd and chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. Seeing him all dressed in white and then receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Amazing. He's matured so much in these last few months, it's been so enjoyable as a mother to be a part of. He also started piano lessons and boy scouts, both of which he enjoys, especially scouts.

Cecily....well she's still our little angel. Though sometimes she has a bit of toddlerhood sneak out. She loves playing on the ipad, Snow White is her favorite princess and she's still our resident blond.

Jocelyn started Kindergarten, full day (no choice at her Title 1 school) and she LOVES it. I love it too. I don't have to drive back and forth mid-day and I can get more done at home (or waste more time).

Then in October Tyler and I celebrated being married 10 years! Crazy! We've been "together" since high school, so technically for 15 years! Our relationship keeps deepening and getting better. It's been a great learning experience and adventure. To celebrate we went to our annual trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival and celebrated extra specially by going to an over-priced restaurant. Only picture taken....poor quality. Then we went to Zion's for a couple days for a work retreat. It was so nice sleeping in a comfy bed with a beautiful view of the red rocks. And I could watch TV/nap/Facebook/Pin at my own pace. So relaxing.

I've managed to stay less busy since we moved and it's been wonderful. Now my life is much more full with my children's lives and still developing my talents by being creative. I haven't thrown as many parties and it's been nice. I still have a lot of projects in mind, and like to post recipes on my other blog so I can publish a cookbook through Shutterfly or Picaboo one of these days. But for the most part I'm just trying to figure out a regular routine that works with my desire to be organized, my crave to create, my obsession with saving money/finding good deals while shopping (online or around the valley in a car), and building it around Tyler's (easy) work schedule, kids school schedule and my own need for personal space and time.

Life is good. I hope to fill you in in more detail, but for now, here is the condensed version for journaling purposes.