Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jocelyn's walking!!!

Here is a short video of Jossie (I still don't know how to spell her nickname)walking. She is a full on walker now. She rarely crawls nowadays. It's fun and weird at the same time to see her so tall. The first part of the video she is doing her monkey crawl. Excuse her long pants(cheap Walmart no elastic pants). Enjoy, especially you family members who live far away!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Specials blog

So I don't like to pay full price for anything. I only like to buy things if they are on sale w/the exception of some groceries. I like to coupon. I like to find great deals and then use coupons on top of them so I can justify shopping at the GAP or Gymboree. I like to save money! So, I decided to share my knowledge (which isn't very much) and started a blog for specials and deals that I find. Feel free to check it out!

Let me know of any deals that you find out about!

Monday, January 28, 2008

my weekend

Friday: Good day. I worked out, cleaned and then did genealogy work for Tyler's grandfather. It was wonderful because I found this fabulous article about Tyler's great (times three) maternal grandmother, Charity Furber. It matched and confirmed dates that were non-existent on our files or were not clear. So I came home very happy and empowered.

Saturday night: Melissa monitored Jocelyn and put Sammy to bed so we could go to a movie! We saw Nat'l Treasure 2. It was pretty fun. Entertaining. Mostly enjoyable to get out. Thank you Melissa!

Sunday: Church. The kids were pretty good in sacrament meeting. Had Melissa and Leanna and their husbands over to "play games" but really we just ate a yummy chocolate cake and talked till 11pm. :) Our poor husbands all had to wake up early to work/study.

And right before they came over we found out about the passing of President Hinckley. I don't really know what to say about that. It's very sad to lose such a wonderful and powerful influence. He was inspirational to me and I felt like I knew him. He is my "favorite" prophet so far. I will miss his sense of humor and his ability to work with the media. I will miss him.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ebarrassing moments

I wanted to share two embarrassing moments.The first, so I can get it off my chest. I haven't shared it much but now I can feel I can let go. Boys I am sorry, it's a little girlie. And the second maybe you can tell me how you would have handled it differently.
1. The first happened when I was in Jr. High. an awkward time. I had already become a "woman" and I was standing practicing the bells in choir. Well, it was that time of the month and I could feel a little leakage. That is an awful feeling for a girl. Then I got really nervous bcse I didn't want anyone to notice. Plus I was feeling woozy just from menstruating. Well, I asked to be excused. And as I headed toward the door I must have passed out because I ran right into the bookshelf next to the door and collapsed. I woke up surrounded by people and felt really stupid. LOL. I had to be escorted to the office just in case I passed out again. I hated junior high.
2. my sister-in-law came over w/her two friends whom we know from Arvada and whom Samuel knows and likes. Well, Samuel was muttering something and Tyler asked him to speak up. He said, "she's big" pointing to one of the girls. Aaaaghhh. What do you say to that? He made sure to point out that one of the other girls was not and so we told him he was small, very small and skinny, and tried to cover it up. ignore it. It was silent. awkward. She was silent for a while. She is NOT big, either. And she is already sensitive about her weight. I don't know why he said that! And I should have asked him if he thought I was big and covered it up bcse he would have said "yes". But I couldn't think of what to say. What would you have done? Or do? I feel like asking my sis how she felt, if she said anything on the way home. ugh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So my sister and brother both said my blogs are too long and therefore do not read them. Well, I'll try to keep this one short. Nah, nah, nah.

1. Sammy-ism's:
--I squeezed his arm bcse he was being naughty and he said, "ouch. That hurt, Mommmy. Listen to my bone. It's crying. Hear it?...Waa, Waa, Waa."
--We were on our way to Colorado (8 hours in the car) and Samuel asked when we were going to get to Gma and Gpa's. And Tyler said, "We're almost there" and Samuel said, "I can't want to go to almost there"

2. I am almost finished reading Eclipse but keep falling asleep on my comfy and warm couch. I am about half way done (though I must admit I had Melissa tell me what happens bcse we had book club last night).

3. We had two other couples over from the ward on Monday night to "play games" but we just ended up talking about all the things we had in common like missions, France, speaking French, eating foreign foods, Visa's, snow, driving in the snow. It was a riot. I haven't laughed so much for so long in a while. It was great fun!

4. I dyed my hair red. I'll post pics when my sister gives the photos.

5. I am sad that Heath Ledger passed away. He was a good actor.

6. I got a new desk and I love it!

7. I am sad that Melissa is moving all the way to other side of the apartment complex in a few short weeks!

8. If you are reading this and don't have a blog yourself then that means you need to start one!

OOPS! Sorry this is sOOOOooooo long!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Years Resolutions

It helps me to write them down. In no particular order:
1. Potty train Samuel
2. Earn enough money by doing odd and end family jobs (filing, video editing, etc)to buy a sewing machine
3. Audition for The Miracle Worker at the Hale Center Theater in Orem and be cast! If not there, then somewhere else!
4. Run a 5K w/Melissa and lose so much weight I could be a supermodel (well maybe a plus sized one, kidding!!!!)
5. Be much better at the small and simple things like reading scriptures, praying as a couple and family, and strengthening my faith in Jesus Christ.
6. Finish last years craft projects
7. Finish editing family videos

I hope I can do it! I think I can, I think I can, I think I year to go!

Jocleyn's first birthday

Well, another year has gone by and this included Jocelyn turning one year old. I cannot believe another year has passed by already and my little baby is no longer a baby but a toddler. Her labor and delivery onto this Earth was not as easy as Samuel's (though it was still not difficult compared to others, I am not complaining) and she came out crying. And nothing has changed since. No, I am kidding. She didn't have colic but she was jaundiced and had to sleep in a light bed for a week. And as a result nursing came as a challenge. But since then she has been happy and healthy and put on all the normal weights and kept her hair and blue eyes! And though she is somewhat of a drama queen (though I had heard this is normal for girls) we love her "uh-oh's" and smiles, her long hair and her chubby thighs. She makes us laugh and she loves to cuddle. So here is a picture sideshow of my favorite gal.

Happy Birthday, Joss!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year!

Okay, so I am a little late on this one. But better late than never, right?
We went to Colorado for Christmas this year. We had a blast doing the usual things like watching movies, eating, playing games, talking, etc. But this year we got to go skiing And we were going to go ice skating but luckily for me it didn't work out. And on Christmas Eve Tyler got a tip from his cousin who works at Best Buy that they were getting some wii's in. So he rushed over there and bought one (w/his dad's money for his dad). And that was pretty much the entertainment for the rest of the vacation. I didn't get any pictures of that. darn.
Christmas was nice. We woke up to a white, beautiful Christmas! The first time they received so much snow since 1912. It was wonderful! Then we had the usual chaos of opening presents, a yummy homemade scone breakfast w/fancy dips provided by Stephanie, Tyler's sister. And then over to Tyler's grandparents for the rest of the day. Fun times.
The top row of photos are just hanging out. I am sorry that some of them got cut off. I don't know how to fix it w/this program. And I got a facial from this spa in Colorado (compliments of my secret santa, Steph. She spent waaaaaay too much! Thanks Steph!) and I was practically coerced into buying this green mask for $30. So I wanted to treat the other ladies and Steph and I gave each other facials while watching this LDS movie Anxiously Engaged (it was actually pretty cute!).
Then the next row of photos are from Christmas, and the one in the middle is of my old roomie and best friend, Kat! She drove up from Colo Springs to visit me. She currently resides in Maryland. It was so fun to see her in person (she looks amazing! I've never seen her w/such long hair!). She's still single if anyone knows any eligible and worthy bachelors ;0 I loved visiting w/her! I love you, Kat!
Then December 27th is Jocelyn's birthday. I may actually post something separately for that. She deserves it. The big "1". I was just watching old video footage and it made me really sentimental. Oh, she was so tiny and sweet and small. But I am glad to be beyond that no sleeping, figuring out nursing, jaundiced phase.
Anyway, we made yummy Cafe Rio salads for dinner. Yuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmy! (thanks to my cousins, the Bishops, for the recipes!).
Then on New Year's Eve the girls wanted to have a dress up party. Great idea, gals! Troy and Jana are obviously Superman and Lois Lane. Then Steve and Lori (my in-laws) are Brette Favre and his wife. Then Joss dressed up in a stoehr vintage bunny outfit. And then we pimped out Samuel. sidenote: Samuel LOVES to dance, especially break dancing to Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby". One of these days I'll get the video of him on here. It's hilarious. It's also frightening that he clicks w/that music already. Then Tyler's 3 sisters (sans Heidi is on a mission) are the Charlie's Angels. Then Tyler and I are Antony and Cleopatra. Samuel held my hand and led me into the kitchen to introduce/show me off to everyone. But Jocelyn cried when she saw me. lol. It was a fun night!!!!! Fun to dress up again!

And so after a long two weeks, great traveling weather (for us), lots of fun and 5-10 pounds later we are back from our vacay in CO!
Sorry for the long on the photo to view it bigger.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I am really tired right now. (because I am staying up and watching Wimbledon for the first time--it's okay). I know it's not the best time to blog but I haven't in a while and I wanted to let you know that I have thought about blogging. And for some reason there is a dog barking hysterically outside. weird. Anyway, I enjoy reading all of your blogs, so thanks for posting!
Well, we came home from CO (which I will post about next) last Thursday, and thank heavens, the weather was perfect both ways! And we woke up to a white Christmas! It was beautiful. And the kids have surprisingly adjusted well to being back w/me 24/7. I thought they would go crazy w/the lack of attention from their aunts and grandparents (and uncle Troy). But they have been really well behaved. It's been a blessing. And though I haven't organized myself to the way I want to be, I am getting there. I am having a harder time adjusting to being back home, to normalcy, to live away from vacation. .
Well, does anyone in Utah have a small desk they want to get rid of (and a truck to get it here)? I have some small jobs to work on and I'd like to have a space of my own. That would help my organizational needs. Well, I am signing off! Hope to see you soon!