Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Has it really been so long since I blogged? Have I missed it? Not really. Do I think about posting my adventures. Yes.

We had a fabulous summer full of laziness, craziness, fighting, sightings, constipations and laughter, crying, biting, hitting, squeezing and all the ups and downs of life.

So here is a beginning of the reflections of Summer ending with the "Back to School" Party inspired by this and this. I love that NieNie had a theme for the school year. I haven't thought of one yet but I think I should. I like this dinner idea and hope to make it a tradition.

Yes, Samuel starts Kindergarten tomorrow. Don't worry, I won't cry. I am one of those mom's who will rejoice at sending him off. I have no heart. But in reality it means I am old enough to send a child off to the public school system. That could make me cry. No, actually, he will be missed, a little bit.

The theme was loosely based on Curious George.

Announcement inspired by this.

Cake bunting inspiration from here.

We had pizza, salad, fresh bruschetta with tomato and basil from our very own garden and carrot cake.

I think Samuel is a bit nervous because he hardly ate pizza, one of his favorites and didn't even want any cake!

We also invited Tyler's cousin Kellon who is just now starting BYU as a freshman and his sister Emily who is continuing at BYU also. Tyler essentially started 2 weeks ago or more like 23 years ago and still going strong! My English teacher in High School dreamed of being an eternal student, I think Tyler wishes the same things sometimes.

Cecily eyeing a cup of water. Always looking out for something to put in her mouth :)

T-shirt inspired by this.
I might actually sell them too :)

Good company, good food, gorgeous weather.

Bonne Chance this academic year my little family!