Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Samuels Birthday

Because it's an even year, Samuel did not have a friend birthday party. Instead, I wanted to focus more on his baptism and being with family. So he got presents, as usual, and we invited family over after the baptism.

We had about 30 family members over. It was great. I asked people to bring salads/side dishes and we ate this yummy Hawaiin pork served with rice that two of my aunts (from different sides of my family) served at big reunions this last summer. Soooo easy and delicious. Then Samuel opened his gifts. On his actual birthday we gave him the wii game (which we later exchanged for the play station) Skylanders. He's wanted it for nearly a year. He was ecstatic. He received several more skylander figurines, a set of his own leather bound scriptures, a new suit, some other clothing and toys and a boy scout belt from others. He was blessed.

He requested a skylanders cake and designed it himself. He wanted it shaped like the portal of power with skylanders on top. I did the best I could without using fondant (because I think it's nasty....and more time consuming to create). So I looked on Pinterest and found one idea. I used her idea of edible spray paint (which, by the way, looks cool, but tastes sort of nasty) and went from there. I used giant tootsie rolls as the rocks for the cake and whoppers for the cupcakes.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Samuel turned 8 in September. He experienced a lot of changes last year, as we all did. He is usually our most adaptable child when it comes to change. But he was really sad to leave his friends and school in Provo last May. So all summer he was yearning for playmates. Luckily, we moved next door to a couple who has two little boys, right between our kids ages. They played a bunch but he still needed that consistency of day to day routine. So by the time summer was nearing the end he was chomping at the bit for school to begin. And so was I. Once I finally knew which school he was going to attend (just a few days before it started) life was a bit more peaceful. 

School started in late August and I was on pins and needles. He has struggled in school a bit. Not academically just socially and due to respect to adults. It's been a struggle since pre-school. A lot of prayers, angst and confusion are what we've been through with Samuel and schooling. So the month leading up to his baptism was a little tense. I think it was due to the combination of the adversary having a bit of influence on his decision to be baptized and also the fact that he was going to a new school with new friends he was acting out more. I was really worried but a few weeks before the big day he really settled down and was completely ready to be baptized. I was so relieved and pleased. I'm happy with the decision he made on his own. He was so happy to be baptized a member of our Church and to receive the Holy Ghost. I bawled for most of the meeting. Tyler's father spoke about baptism. I spoke about the Holy Ghost. We sang a little and he was baptized and confirmed. We were grateful for so many family members that came out for his special day. Samuel was truly touched.

The big day was September 29, 2012

I love that fake smile. 

His best friend and cousin, Creigh.

Papa Stoehr

The whole gang

Cecily was being a goof. I had to turn her head toward the camera. 

Still not working. Oh, well.

Samuel with most of his grandparents. 

Just for fun!