Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cecily turned 3

Our happy little toddler turned 3 on January 21st. Perhaps she's not a toddler anymore because she is no longer toddling? She is still a delight to be around. She still takes naps on most days. Sometimes she has to sleep in the car where she spends so much time picking up siblings from school or running errands with mom. She has been doing much better at her nighttime routine. She and Jocelyn actually share a room....they have bunk beds.....but now they both share the top bunk so the bottom is empty. It's crazy, I think. It's also sweet. I've tried taking pictures with no success.

She does whatever Samuel and Jocelyn do but is also becoming very independent with wanting to put shoes and socks on by herself. However, she refuses to be potty trained. I tried twice last year with no success. So I am waiting. We keep asking her if she'd like to go on the potty and she replies with, "no." So, we wait.

We went to my parents this year over MLK holiday and her birthday fell on that day. So we celebrated a day early since we had to drive the 2 hours back home on Monday. She used to love Snow White....watched it every day for a while. She doesn't obsess over her as much now but still wears the dress every other day. Our princess dress ups turn into instant Cinderella rags within weeks, and if they're really cheap, days! Sadly, the snow white dress is starting to deteriorate.

So, anyway, we bought her a Snow White doll, perfect for her new crib. A snow white mug (thank you Disney movie rewards points and rewards) to drink her "cocoa hot." And the Merida barbie doll, butterfly wings (perfect for nickname...she also got a butterfly pillow pet for Christmas) among a few other items. She loves to watch movies, play PBS kids (she can control the mouse pretty well now), the ipad (Where's My Water? is one of her favorite games), playing with barbies and princess polly pockets, dress up and anything with Jocelyn. For some reason, Samuel likes to torture her the most. It's sooooo annoying because he touches her wrong or calls her baby and she shrieks. This is especially annoying on the morning car ride to school every weekday.

She's still blond-ish with curls. Some days she really looks like me while others she is definitely a Stoehr. I love it when she randomly comes up and gives me a squeeze or places her head on my leg, "I wuv you much." I love you too Cecy-bug!

 She wanted a red she got a red velvet cake (which consequently is my mom's favorite and one that Levi had requested for his birthday a few weeks earlier). 

I am sorry but I cannot get this cute picture to rotate. I've wasted too much time trying. So, sorry!

The one on the right is a photo of me at about the same age (right, mom?) 

Her new thrift store crib. Read more about it here.