Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Photo courtesy of Emily, the true owner, ie Tyler's sister, on her nice new camera

Meet the newest member of our family, Leo. So now we have a goldfish, a bunny, and a kitty at least temporarily. We're kittysitting for the summer, perhaps longer. Tyler's sister can't have him in her current apartment because of an allergic roommate so she's asked us to watch him for the summer until she moves in the fall. If, in the fall, she still can't have him then we'll adopt him.

He's been a pleasure to have around. He came litter trained, drinks out of his own water dish (though he has been tempted by the toilet already), wears a collar, puts up with excited children and eats his food without complaint. So, so easy! He only meow's when the children are too rough on him or when he wishes he could go outside.

Each time we open the door he bolts for the exit. Sometimes, however, that means running head on into my shin. Ouch! But each time he escapes he gets further and further in the yard before we catch him. I'm not ready to let him outside yet because he is still a kitty and we have a ton of stray cats around. It's so funny to see him sit by the window, yearning to be out there. Lol.

The only downside is that although the children, particularly Jocelyn, know that he is only with us for the summer, they will have a hard time letting go. And changing litter, hearing him chase balls all night long, being awoken by him licking my face or purring for attention at 2 am and the fact that he will inevitably become a cat are an acquired taste as well.

But I wouldn't mind if he stuck around for a while.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Images of Mt Pleasant

So my parents live in a rural town in the middle of Utah called Mt Pleasant. It's about an hour and 15 minutes from P-town. It is a pleasant place and they do live near mountains. However, I would never want to call it my permanent residence for reasons I won't get in to here. But we do love to visit them. It's quiet. Peaceful. And although the neighboring peacocks are a nuisance it gives Tyler a chance to have some target practice.

We've been down there a few weekends in a row and I took some still shots of my parents yard. No editing here folks, just some nice outdoor country lighting.

The children like to collect these bones. I don't allow them in the house. Kind of gross. But I don't mind the budding anthropologists.

Many a bonfire burned here. And delicious s'mores. Remember this?

Isn't it about.....thyme? My parents don't have grass lawn but a thyme lawn. Smells nice.

My mom loves flowers, especially those that the deer won't eat.

The only good thing about having peacocks invade your property:

Friday, June 24, 2011


Tonight Jocelyn and I had this conversation,

J said, "I wish the moon was dead"
I said, "Why?"
J, "Because I wouldn't have to go to sleep and I could just take little naps instead and stay up late like you get to."

Haha, I thought to myself. First of all, she no longer takes naps, except when she falls asleep in the car. And secondly, I didn't want to go into the natural necessity of the moon and how it makes our world go round. She has a hard time staying young and yet not wanting to grow up.

Take this for instance. She LOVES to paint anyone's nails, those who will let her. Cecily came up to me handing me a bottle of nail polish, "unh, unh" that's "here" in baby language. So I offered it to J and she took over. Thanks Aunt Stephy! You taught her everything she knows about painting nails and now she's passing it on :) Cecily loves her big sister, except when she gets attention from me then the jealousy creeps in. Jocelyn keeps saying she can't wait for Cecily to grow up so she can play more with her. I think it's sweet that they get a long so well and that Cecily looks up to Jocelyn so much.

Not a bad job either!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Opinions Please...

I noticed that when I participated in our May Relief Society meeting about literacy that I am a self-help lover. We asked everyone to bring their favorite books to display to give others ideas of what to read. Do you know what I brought?

1. Parenting with Love & Logic
2. I am a Mother
3. 5 Love Languages

"What is wrong with me?" I thought to myself. I didn't bring a favorite piece of literature. I did not bring my current novel. I realized that the only reading I am doing lately is from the Scriptures or these self-help books! Wow. Some things need to change. But a little at a time. I get all ambitious and want to start changing all at once. But that is when depression and self-doubt creeps in after I've realized...I've set myself up for punishment! I have to remind myself to take one goal at a time......

But what I need your help with is laundry. Please take this brief survey. Once I feel I have enough answers, I'll post them.

Check it out right here. Or on the side bar as well. OH, and if you do take it, please leave your name so I know who is responding. So, you know, I can grill you for more info later. heehee. The survey results don't show me who you are. If you take it.....I'll be really happy and you'll put a smile on my face. Is that enough incentive?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Les Miserables

Wow. It's been a while since I blogged. I've been focusing a lot on summer fun! You can see some ideas on my other blog. We've been busy busy busy! I feel like once I'm done entertaining the kids, keeping house and serving food to small people that there is barely enough time to check email, craft, facebook, pin photos and blog anymore. Sigh.

But Tyler and I have had the blessing of parents close by these past two weeks. We were able to attend my favorite musical and possibly theatrical production ever, Les Miserables. I organized a group so we could get a discount, which helped a lot. Sadly, however, I wish we would have paid the extra $10-15 to sit in the orchestra section. I've only been to the capital theater once before. And although our seats were directly above the seats of my parents who were down in the orchestra and over a bit (though, they could not see the very stage should have been obstructed view in real theaters.....because they could not see the entire stage) we could not hear nearly as well. The music from the pit came directly upward and the actors voices went directly outward to the lower seats. Ugh. If I was not so familiar with the music I would have been a bit confused.

It was well done. I liked the new staging as well. They got rid of the rotating circular stage to name one thing. And it sounded like they added some new sound effects during the songs. Some of the scenery was different as well.

But it was fun to experience for the first time with my cousin Mabel. I was excited just for her to see it for the first time. And the last time I had seen it was in London when I was still single. Wow. The lyrics and blocking are a lot more meaningful when I understand them more. I always chuckled at the Thenardier's in their Master of the House but I didn't quite grasp all the innuendo until then.

And then tears came to my eyes as Fantine sang this. It means a lot more now that I have children. Listening to her sing about imagining Cosette (played by BYU's very own Jenny Latimer, who is friends with lots of my acting friends) playing with children and knowing that she will not able to say goodbye to her little girl was heartbreaking.

I Dreamed a Dream (whom Susan Boyle's rendition still gives me chills) was powerfully sung by our performer as well.

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables was amazing too. Having lost a friend in the Service this song meant something at a greater level. And our Marius had a fabulous voice! Better than the Jonas bro in this video (who apparently played this role in London), imo.

Anyway, we LOVE this show. It was the first real musical I was introduced to by my uncle Scott, before I had seen very many live productions. So it means a lot to me. I am glad I was able to see it again and that it is still strong on Broadway and in London. If you have never seen this, you MUST sometime in your lifetime. It's deeper than Wicked and has better music than Phantom. Just sayin.