Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making memories

While we've been living in Colorado we've done some fun things. Because I am so behind in documenting them I'll just give a digested version with lots of photos.

Planting Grandma's garden

Movie Tradition Night: we've decided to start a family tradition of making popcorn and watching a movie as a family together once a week. The kids ask for popcorn and sleeping bags almost every night.

Jumping on the trampoline:

Museum of Nature and Science
My sister Jennie had the pass to let us in for free and one of my best friends, Nora, came with her two girls.
I only captured one decent photograph inside.

Fun fountain + no swimsuits= kids running free in the public view. FUN!

Skittles in springtime:
This spring has been gorgeous!!! I haven't seen so many lightning/thunderstorms in one month. It's so green here and it's been a perfectly cool spring. Wahoo! And the kids have had their full share of candy

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hearing Aids?

I've wondered lately if Samuel can hear. He talks really loudly and asks, "what? " a lot. But he did pass his hearing test in pre-school just a few months ago, so I shouldn't worry. We probably mumble a lot and try asking him questions when there is already a lot of noise around. But he sure does make me laugh.

Here are some funny mix-ups he's had recently:

the Flay Swatter
Hannah (my SIL): Sammy, where is the fly-swatter?
Samuel: ice-water?
H: No, saying it more clearly, fly-swatter.
S: opens the fridge It's in here, pointing to a cup of water I'm getting it cold.
H: we're all laughing FLY SWATTER, the thing that you hit and kill flies with!
S: Oh, that! a fly swatter. The stickt that swatts flies hitting motion

We were discussing the topic of philosophy...
Samuel: What are you talking about? Officer Flossy? from Richard Scarry's books
Us: No, Phil-o-so-phy
S: confused What's fi-aw-fa-see?

The kids have been watching a lot of Disney movies that they've never seen before. Last week they saw Pocahontas for the first time. Samuel reeeeally gets into role-playing, and so he and Jocelyn have been running around killing the "savages." Nice, huh? So Tyler and I were discussing other words he could use so he didn't sound racist or something. Tyler suggested saying, "barbarians." He began to explain that the Greeks would call anyone who was not Greek a barbarian. Samuel piped up, "Freak?" . After a little chuckle, we had to explain what Greeks were and that he shouldn't call anyone a freak.

Lastly, our kids have an obsession with body parts and bathroom lingo. It's soooooo frustrating. Pee, poo, bum, butt and potty are their current favorite words and it drives me nuts. Any time they see a bum on TV they mention it, call each other these words, and laught about it incessantly. When I catch them I try to put hot sauce on their tongue, but most of the time I dont' follow through and just put them in time-out or tell them "no" don't use "potty mouth" or "dirty words" . Does anyone have any suggestions to control their mouths? Does anyone else have a problem with this?