Monday, September 26, 2011

Lump in my throat....I have a 7 year old!

So......I have a seven year old. A 7 year old! One more year before he is baptized. Wow.
It's been a wonderfully challenging 7 plus 9 months. Samuel has taught me more then I would have ever imagined I could in 7 years. Much much more. The little person that came into our lives has been such a blessing. When he was small, he was so easy. He slept well. He was very personable, always smiling. He was always a picky eater, that hasn't changed. And then hit 4 years old and became a bit more challenging. Then he entered pre-school and we realized he was attracted to trouble, at times. Then he entered public schools and he had more behavioral challenges. Now he is in 1st grade, and although he was off to a rough start, he's grown up a lot in this last month.  Tyler and I hadn't realized how impressionable these children are. They learn so quickly, both good and bad. And when we, as parents, are forgetting or slacking, particularity in the spiritual department, things get rough. I am not sure if it was due to prayer, fasting, consequences, or just my attitude, but he's turning around. I'm turning around. This child, who is still so young, has taught me much about faith, trust and love, and it's been particularly magnified in the last month.

I love this boy. He's so smart and loving. He is still my baby, my first, my guinea pig, my only son. What would I do without him? What would Jocelyn do without him? What would Tyler do without him? Or his papa's and grandma's? And Cecily? We wouldn't be loving and learning as much, that's what.

 He loves his things.
 He loves his friends.

More Lego party details on Bonne Nouvelle, coming to you all week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Fun Catch up

Here are just a few more activities we did this summer!

Bird Feeders

Trafalga with cousins


Walk to the Temple

 And stopped and smelled the roses...

Painted rocks

Stewart Falls

My freshman roommate, Katherine, called me up while I was trying to keep the kids out of the lily pads at one of our trips to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. She was coming to Utah for BYU Education Week. The timing worked out this year so that I could for the first time ever. And it was amazing!! I went to the evening classes (about 20 hours of lecture) and I was soooo edified. I had a renewed desire to be more organized, a better mother and a more Christlike being. It was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who can go!

She was able to stay with me for a couple of nights and she suggested we take the kids on a little hike. She suggested Stewart Falls in Sundance. I'd never hiked to it before and was a little hesitant with the children. But Tyler was home (school hadn't started yet) and was able to stay while Cecily napped. So it was Samuel, Jocelyn, Kat and I. The weather was perfect. The hike was short (about 2 miles in total) and we all had a blast. It's beautiful!! On our way down we saw this lovely, of many, cabins. I read this gals blog from time to time (who is amazingly talented....check out her lovely studio. To die for.) and she blogged about vacationing at this family cabin. If we hadn't been trespassing in this private area, I wouldn't have seen it. Eek.

I did learn a few things too on this hike. As we were looking for the starting point of the hike we had to go up and down a lot of hilly roads. Finally, we stopped and asked a family who was just finishing up. It was then I noticed my breaks were awfully smelly. So we stopped and asked another male person how to prevent this (because I never took driver's Ed and this was not common knowledge to me) and he suggested we drive in a lower gear. Ah! No more break damage.

Then I also learned that peeing over a log is not shall I say? Hygenic? For Jocelyn, not me. Luckily, there was a nice little stream with fresh clean water that worked for both toilet paper and laundry services :)

Apparently my two oldest don't' know how to smile for the camera.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

We went to Lake Powell in August this year with Tyler's family, as tradition. But this year Tyler opted to come only for the weekend and left me and the kids behind to go back and work for one more week. I didn't know if I could brave the waters and the children by myself but I did it! Mine were the only kids on the houseboat so they were spoiled with attention and I was able to have some quiet time while they went off swimming, fishing or tubing with their aunts/uncles and grandparents. It was a relaxing week and no injuries or drownings, on my part at least. Heidi, Tyler's sister had a little mishap with the wake board, as you'll see later. Here are a bunch of photos for your viewing pleasure.

This year we lucked out again and found a great beach in Good Hope Bay, our usual spot. It didn't drop off too quickly which was safer for the kids and the sand was nice.
And because the water was so high this year there was a ton of drift wood scattered everywhere. We attempted to make a wood/mud fort. It took forever especially when you're sweating like crazy in the heat. I don't know how pioneers or Native Americans did it!

I saw this on Pinterest. Filling a ziplock with gel, dying it blue and adding glitter if you wanted. I used some shampoo that Tyler hated. Only problem, if it is used on a table with small chips it can easily rip. So, it didn't work very well.

Jocelyn played on the beach by herself for hours. Here she is watering a dead tumbleweed? Probably pretending she's gardening, that's what I hope :)

The guys golfing. Tyler bought a hug box of golf balls at a garage sale years ago and we've been lugging them around with each move. Finally, he was able to use them up here. There was a green golf pad left on the houseboat so they took it out and used it. yay for getting rid of the dumb box of golf balls! Plus it's a little male bonding. Two of these guys are the "new" members of the family, the new brothers in-law, first time to Lake P.

It's all about location, location, location!

Cecily was a little fish this year, very brave in the water, a little brave. I think it's because we took a swim lesson/class together earlier in the summer.

Heidi, after she went into shock from splitting her head open. Luckily, they hair tied it back together really well, doused with anti-biotics, gave her a blessing and she was good to go, no stitches of doctor needed.

Bath time!

Our "pets". I caught this baby two inch long catfish swimming in the most shallow waters. Somehow it died mysteriously, it "scratched itself" so said Jocelyn. I think she was just holding it too much.
Here is the baby frog we found. He also died, from causes not so natural. Let's just say from "love."

The poor tail-less carp. Samuel loves to fish for these guys. They're so easy because they eat just about anything. And because all of the guys were out I had to pull the hook out. Yuck! They are so slimy!

Food, food and way too much food! Featured is part of the meal we cooked. A delicious pasta salad, BBQ Chicken (not pictured) and apricot cupcakes.

Jocelyn. She's growing up too fast and yet at other times I have to remember she's only 4.

Chubby legs. Cecily had to get used to the feeling of sand under her feet :)

A little Andy Griffith before the laptop battery dies.

The man of the boat, Papa, taking some well deserved rest.

Cecily and Great Grandma F

Little feet
In attendance this year: Everyone with the exception of Stephanie who is on her mission, and Troy and Jana and kids and Tyler for part of it. Included, Gma and Gpa F.
Food eaten: Fajitas, BBQ Chicken, Taco salad, Hamburgers/brats, Fish 'n Chips (striper & blue gill), Sirloin Steaks and way too much chocolate