Friday, November 18, 2016

Nora came

Frontier Airlines had a killer deal on flights if you travel on Tuesday or Wednesday you can fly between CO and UT for under $40. I thought of my childhood best friend Nora. I thought she needed a little TLC and time away from her girls. I invited her to come out for a quick girls trip and she agreed! It was hard for her to arrange sitters but it came together and she was able to come out for literally 24 hours.

We ate lunch at the renowned Crown Burgers downtown.

With Colin, my sidekick. 
It's got this awesome gaudy interior, for a burger joint. Love it.  
Then we went to Gourmandise (do you see a pattern? I need to take the people I love to my favorite bakery).

We ate our treats at a beautiful park below the capital. It's this little hidden gem where the actually city creek flows from.

Then we dropped Colin off for his nap and Samuel came home from school. I went to the chiropractor and convinced Nora she should start going to one too. Then we quickly found a salon up the street to get pedicures.  I know....two pedicures a month apart. I don't generally indulge that frequently but guess what? Nora had never had a professional pedicure!?! That needed to be changed.

The one taking the selfie always gets the worse angle, lol. I was laughing because Nora kept making these funny faces trying to look good. lol. 
After she met up with her nephew for dinner while I set up for YW in Excellence that night. Fed my kids hot dogs and leftovers. Then headed back to the church for the activity. Fortunately, Nora was kind enough to stay home and watch my three littles. With Samuel in YM now it's tricky when Tyler has choir on Tuesday nights, in addition to the regular Thursday nights. I have to take them with me, find a friend to watch them or sometimes just turn on a movie and let Jocelyn be in charge.

Then Nora and I stayed up way too late talking and reminiscing. I dug out my old journals and we read from them and laughed at our silliness. And marveled at how sloppy my handwriting was.

The next morning we ate all-you-can-eat french toast at Kneaders and then back to the airport.

It was a great quick trip. A nice pick-me-up. We have soooooo many memories together. We've known each other since we were about 3 years old. Here are just a few of the photos we have together.

EFY 1996. All but two gals and John Bytheway are from Arvada plus Micaela. I had forgotten that so many of us went together that year. Julianne Johnson, Elissa Malone, Ashley Hawkes, Nora Pollard, Amber & Heather France (and their cousin) and I don't remember the blond gal in front of me. Good times. 

December 23, 1993

No idea when this was taken. Love our hair. Sometime in the 1980s. 

Nora visited me at BYU my Freshman year. 

Sometime in High School.

Ward Christmas party 1997

Church Halloween party, 1993. 

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