Monday, October 18, 2010


I love this time of year! And though it's been uncharacteristically warm and long, I am loving it still the same. I am loving the smells from my neighbors wood burning fires, the beauty of the fallen leaves on the wet pavement, the comfort foods and kids wearing rain boots! I am not yet ready for the snow.

Here is a critter, or type of critter that I may have to resign to spending the upcoming winter wit. These very large and hairy things creep me out every time I see one, which is daily:

Here is a new recipe on my blog. My mom's Lentil Soup!

The kids and I made some impromptu ghosts the other day out of trash bags, newspaper, string and marker. Here they are enjoying them as toys before I hung them up. Chasing each other and "oooooohing".

The reason I share this awkward photo is because it's the clearest one of Jocelyn's skirt. I made that. Yes, I love it. It was super easy and made from upcycled materials, namely one (and part of another) of my old shirts! How cool is that? Free, easy and fashionable. A little love for the Earth too. Here is the link to the awesome directions.

Ghostly love.

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