Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Colin's 3rd Birthday

I'm just going to say it. I hate December birthdays. With Colin and Jocelyn's bookending Christmas it makes for a busy month. One of these years I'll have a hang of it by giving the kids the credit and fun they deserve and at the same time simplifying and not overlooking Christmas. It's a balance that I am learning to create.

So, sadly, on Colin's actual birthday, the 20th, the MOTAB annual dinner (ie, the only time they recognize and give thanks to their choir, orchestra, etc the whole organization plus their families) by hosting a nice dinner and program at the Grand America Hotel. Normally this event falls the Tuesday after the Christmas concert. But this year the concert was a week later so the dinner fell on Colin's birthday. So we didn't really want to miss this dinner and chose to celebrate his birthday later that week.

That morning he was pleased to get a haircut, haha. I decided just to pay someone to torture him instead of me painstakingly take the time to do it. And I didn't want to wait another week to have Steph try at it when we were in Colorado. So, I took him to Cookie Cutters. After he picked out which vehicle to sit in and facetiming Tyler he calmed down a tiny bit. He was still terrified but the stylist was so fast she got him cut in about 10 minutes or less. He got a balloon and a lollipop and was happy again.

After Cecily came home from school they went outside to play with the chickens in the snow. They tried feeding them raspberries which are the little red drops behind Scalina there. 

Two days later we celebrated. He wanted a pirate cake. We looked at Pinterest and he helped pick out how he wanted it to look. I actually made zucchini bread for his cake because I was making some for neighbors already and it was one of those ways of simplifying. Sadly, we only have video footage of him in front of his cake not an actual photo.

 We sure love our little Colin. He's still a sweetheart. He's such a good example of goodness to our family. He reminds us to pray, he's always willing to help out. He tells us he loves us daily and avoids contention. We are so grateful he's in our lives.

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