Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jocelyn's 10th Birthday

Jocelyn is a bright, persistent, strong girl. And I love her for it. Sometimes we butt heads because I see myself a lot in her (but I wasn't as smart and driven as she is). I can trust her to babysit now. She loves her pet chickens, still enjoys collecting beanie boos, gymnastics (we signed her up last fall), piano, learning the Articles of Faith, working on her Faith in God, reading Harry Potter (she's on #4 now), playing with her BFF Jocylynn down the street, painting nails, watching "H2O, just add water" on Netflix (a mermaid show....I love it too), playing "teenager", listening to music, and a bunch of other girly stuff. She's growing too fast!

Jocelyn has been asking for a legit mermaid tail and fin since she was 8 years old. She didn't get it when she turned 9 last year. Well, she's much like I was at that age and nagged and persisted all of 2016. She even settled by asking me to make her one or converting her leggings into a fin. All summer she just put both legs into one leg of the legging and let the other empty leg just hang free. She didn't mind that it looked goofy because it allowed her legs to stay tight together to mimic the mermaid tail.  Finally, I was on board. She had proven how much she wanted it and would use it. Now we just needed to work on persuading Tyler. I suggested that she write him a convincing letter of the reasons why it would be a good investment. She did that and waited a few weeks for the opportunity to leave it next to his bed one night. After reading her 4 page dissertation he realized that he couldn't say no. We led her to believe she wasn't going to get one for Christmas and maybe for her birthday. But she did let us know that she'd settle with the actual fin because, although that portion was more expensive, she could use it with her leggings and she could save up for the mermaid tail during the spring.

So, on Christmas morning, to her surprise, she DID get the fin. She was so happy and thrilled that she actually cried. It was really awesome gifting her something that meant so much to her. 

Then, it was an even bigger surprise when two days later, she got the complete set with the mermaid tail. We had already planned a swim date that week with the Stoehr's at the APEX because she couldn't wait to practice in it. (btw, she had already borrowed a friend's fin and qualified in the swimming criteria they suggest on their website. With her strength and swimming abilities, I was not worried about her drowning). Then, she was able to go again with Gpa Stum and cousins on Saturday. It was fun to see her swim in it. She is FAST! She gets a lot of "ooohs and ahhhh" from other little girls and even boys as "the mermaid" swims by. And, it was fun for her to make new acquaintances with other mermaids at the pool.

On the 27th, Jocelyn asked Steph to do her hair for her party. We held it at the stake center to accommodate both huge families and because Steve was hosting a stake wide basketball game series so the guys went over and played during the party and Steve was able to pop in for a bit. Jocelyn's request for dinner was Little Caesars pizza, Fresca, ice cream and pop poke cake. 

After dinner and dessert (of which, we couldn't light candles....lame. I felt badly about that part since we were in a church) the kids ran around and played games. Jocelyn requested Scattegories (one of my faves) and Exploding Kittens. 

This is the only photo I have with her wearing it. This summer I'll have to get some fun shots. 

 So far she's loved it! She's been able to wear it a couple more times since that week. 

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